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🚗Talking about Cars in Gulf Arabic

Talking About Sports in Gulf Arabic

🏬Renting an Apartment in Gulf Arabic

🪙Sending money back home in Gulf Arabic

🏠Around The House

🛒At the Market

📱📞Speaking on the Phone


🍽️At the Restaurant

🚉At the Train Station

🏙️🚎City and Transportation

🏨Booking a Hotel

🚖Catching a Taxi

🏤At the Post Office

🛫At the Airport

🌦️Weather Report

🍜🧃 Food and Drinks

Body Parts in Gulf Arabic

Around The House


Vegetables خضروات



Places in the City


Wild Animals in Gulf Arabic

Birds in Gulf Arabic

Types of Fish in Gulf Arabic

Food and Drinks



Insects in Gulf Arabic

Sports Vocabulary in Gulf Arabic

Gulf Arabic Grammar


Asking Questions in Gulf Arabic

Plural nouns

Personal pronouns

possessive pronouns

Possessives using Idaafa construction

Other ways used to express possession in Gulf Arabic

Demonstrative pronouns

Relative pronoun


Relative Adjectives and nationalities

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

The colors


Intro to Arabic sentence

The past tense

The present tense

The Present continuous

The future tense

The imperative

Using the Verb Kaan

The verb forms

The active participle

The passive participle

Numbers in Gulf Arabic

The verbal noun

Gulf Arabic Verbs and MSA lists

Gulf Arabic Abstract Verbs and MSA lists

Gulf Arabic Adjectives and MSA lists

Gulf Arabic Abstract Nouns and Gender +MSA

Gulf Arabic Nouns and Gender +MSA