Arabic Verb forms

Arabic verb forms and meanings

Form 1

Form 2 fa33al فعَّل

  Meaning – Usage and RelationshipForm 2 فعَّل
    He brought down نَزَّلَ    He got down نَزَلَ* Causative. نَزَلْتُ مِنَ الّسّيّارةِ I got down from the car,  ثُمَّ نَزًّلْتُ الطِّفلَ then I took down the child. Intransitive to Transitive 
                     He taught                           درَّسَ    He studied دَرَسَ* Transitive to double transitive دَرَستُ اللغةَ العربِيَّة. I studied Arabic.  .دَرَّتُك اللغةَ العربِيَّة I taught you Arabic. 
    He massacred   قَتَّلَ    He killed\ قَتَل* Strengthening of meaning. * Intensive – an action done on large scale or Repeatedly              قَتَل الْمُجْرِمُ رُجلاً The criminal killed a man. قَتَّلَ الْمُجْرِمُ  أَهْلَ القَرِيَةِ The criminal massacred the people of the village. 

Form 3 faa3al فَاعَلَ

  Meaning – Usage and Relationship  Form 3 فَاعَلَ
  To correspond                 كاَتَبَ    To write            كَتَبَ* Collective action. Where two or more people join together. 

Form 4 Af3al أفعل

  Meaning – Usage and Relationship  Form 4 أفعل
    He seated أَجْلسَ    He sat جَلَسَ* Intransitive to transitive جَلَستُ فِي الصَّفِّ الأَوَّ‘ I sat in the first row وأَجْلسْتُ الطِّفلَ بِجانِبِي and I seated the child by my side. 
    He made someone to listen أسْمَعَ    He listened سَمِعَ* Transitive to double transitive سَمعَ المدرّسُ القرآنَ The teacher listened to the Qur’an. أَسْمَعَ الطُّلابُ المدرَّ القرآنَ 

Form 5 tafa33al تَفَعَّلَ

  * Reflexive of form 2. Transitive to intransitive also impersonal.  Form 5تَفَعَّلَ  
      He learned تَعَلَّمَ      He taught عَلَّمَ  عَلَّمَنِي بِلالٌ السّباحَةَ Bilal taught me swimming.                               تعلَّمْتُ السّباحةَ I learned swimming.           

Form 6 tafaa3al تَفا عَل

 Meaning – Usage and RelationshipForm 6 تَفا عَل 
    To ask one another       تَسَاءَلَ* Reflexive of form 3. A group action, عَمَّ يَتَسَاء لُونَ About what are they asking one another?    
  He slept نَامَتَنَاوَمَ الجاسُوسُ وَسَمِعَ كَلاَمَ النَّاسِ The spy pretended to be asleep and he heard the talk of the people.  

Form 7 infa3al  اِنْفَعَل

  Meaning – Usage and Relationship  Form 7 اِنْفَعَل
    To get broken    To break كَسَرَ* Passive of form 1. Transitive to intransitive كَسَرتُ الكُوبَ I broke the tumbler. اِنكَسَرَ الكوبُ The tumbler broke.   

Form 8 ifta3al

  Meaning – Usage and Relationship  Form 8 اِفْتِعَلَ
  To assemble اِجْتَمَعَ  To gather جَمَعَ* Transitive and intransitive   

Form 9 if3all اِفْعلَّ

  Meaning – Usage and Relationship  Form 9 اِفْعلَّ
  To become red اِحْمَرَّ              * Indicating colors and defects   

Form 10 istaf3al سْتَفْعَلَ

   Form 10 اِسْتَفْعَلَ
  Asked for help اِسْتَنْصَرَ    Helped نَصَرَ* Seeking/asking 
Regarded good or beautiful اِسْتحْسَنَ  Was good or beautiful حَسُنَ* Regarding/judging