The Present Continuous in Gulf Arabic

The present continuous in Gulf Arabic denotes an action that is ongoing or happening right now.

Gulf Arabic verb conjugation
The patterns for applying personal pronouns to verbs are exactly the same as in the present simple tense, but you do not need to apply them.
Modern Standard Arabic has only 2 tenses
The past tense and the present tense,
the present tense is used if the action of the verb is incomplete
For example:
Nabnii elbeyt yadiid hal7isah
We are building a new house right now

قاعدة تكتب رسالة
gaa3idah taktib risaalah
She is writing a letter.

The present continuous tense maker gaa3id قاعد
Verb + ing in Gulf Arabic قاعد+فعل

Ongoing action
Verb conjugation

أنا قاعد أشرب
Anaa gaa3id ashrab
Iam drinking ( Male)
أنا قاعدة أشرب
 Anaa gaa3idah a-shrab
Iam drinking  (Female )
إنت قاعد تشرب
 Inta gaa3id t-shrab
You are drinking ( Male)
إنتي قاعدة تشربين
 Intey gaa3idah t-sharab  
You are drinking (Female )
إحنا قاعدين نشرب
  I7naa gaa3idiin  n-sharab
We are drinking  
إنتو قاعدين تشربون
  Intu gaa3idiin t-shrab-oon
You are drinking (Plural )
اهو قاعد يشرب
 Ohwa gaa3id y-shrab
He is drinking
إهي قاعدة تشرب
ehya gaa3idah t-sharab  
You are drinking (Female )
هم قاعدين يشربون
   Hom gaa3idiin y-shrab-oon
They are drinking  

Ongoing action

شنو قاعد اتسوي؟
shnuu gaa3id ita sawwii
what are you doing
أنا قاعد أشرب
Anaa gaa3id ashrab
I am drinking
شنو قاعد يسوي
shnuu gaa3id yasawwi
what he is doing?
قاعد يشرب
gaa3id yasharab
شنوقاعدة اتسوي
shnuu gaa3idh tasawwi
what is she doing now?
قاعدة تكتب رسالة
gaa3idah taktib risaalah
she is writing a letter