The Passive Participle in Gulf Arabic

The passive participle in gulf Arabic اسم مفعول

Usage: The passive participle is either used as an adjective or a noun or both. Passive participles agree in gender and number with the nouns they describe. In Gulf Arabic, the passive participle is used without an agent

Written maktuub مكتوب
Understood mafhuum مفهوم
Known ma3ruuf معروف
Reasonable ma3quulمعقول
Acceptable maqbuul مقبول
Permitted masmuu7 مسموح
Open maftuu7 مفتوح
Busy, occupied mashquul مشغول
Crazy majnuun مجنون
Forbidden mamnuu3ممنوع
Rotten, spiliedmanzuu3 منزوع
Responsible person masuul مسول
Delegate manduub مندوب