At the Train Station in Gulf Arabic

At the Train Station in Gulf Arabic. In this lesson, you will learn key asking Questions at the Train Station

After you complete this lesson you will be able to buy tickets whenever you need to.

… إبكَم التذكر لـ
Ibkam el tazkara lii…?
تَذكَرَة   ذِهاب لوسَمَحت 
Tazkarit zahab law zama7aht
A one-way ticket, please
تَذكَرَة   ترجوع  لوسَمَحت ؟
 Tazkarit trajuu3 ,law sama7at
A round-trip ticket .please
تَذكَرَة   روحة  ورَدَّ  لوسَمَحت  ؟
A round-trip ticket, please
إشلون أوصَل المَطار؟
ishluun awsal elmudaar
How Do I get to the airport?

أي خَطّ يوصِّلني…؟
Ayi khadt ya wasas-silnii
Which line goes to…?
أي خَطّ يودّني…؟
Ayi khadd  yiwad-diini
Which line goes to….
لازم أغير القطار؟
Laazim a ghayar el qidaar
Do i have to change the trains
الريل وين بيروح؟
Ir-real wein yiruu7
Where does the Train Go?
الرّيل لوين
Ir-riil lawein
Where is the train to?
الرّيل يوقِّف في…؟
Ir-reil yawaqif fii
Does this train stop in…
مِتى يروح الرّيل؟
Mitaa yiruu7 ir-riel
When does the train for… leave?
مِتى يوصَل الرّيل؟
Mataa yiwsal ir-reil
When will the train arrive in…?