Arabic words in English: Borrowed words from Arabic

Arabic words in English
English words that are actually  Arabic

Arabic words in English, a list of English words that are actually Arabic.

Borrowed words from Arabic

  • Algebra  جبر
  • Algorithm الخوارزمي
  • Alcohol الكحول
  • Chemistry كمياء
  • zero صفر
  • Syrup شراب

• Giraffe زرافة
• Gerbil جربوعة
• Cotton قطن
• Lemon ليمون
• Jasmine ياسمين
• Spinach سبانخ
• Mascaraمسكارا
• Sofa صوفة
• Gezelle غزال
• Coffee قهوة
• Bled بليد
• Guitar غيتار
• Harem حريم
• Hijab حجاب
• Henna جنة
• Hazard خطر
• Sherbet شربات
• Satin ساتان
• Safari سفاري
• Candy كنافة
• Shrub شراب

• Average

• Check

• Gerbil

• Harem

• Soda

• Sofa

• So-long

• Tell

• Wisdom tooth

• Average

• Check

• Jar

• Lime

Since the time of Islamic Golden age English has kept taking on Arabic words.
A lot of words that are used in the field of education come from the Islamic Golden age era, The borrowing still going on of course whether there is cultural contact or new Muslims, the Islamic religion, and Immigration.

There are also a number
of common expressions that are of Arabic origin.