Sending money back home in Gulf Arabic

In this lesson, you will learn how to send money home to your country of origin. If you are working in the Gulf states and sending money back home or in any situation where you are transferring money this lesson is for you.

وين أقرَب صرّاف
Wein agrab Sarraf?
Where is the nearest money exchange?
شنو سِعر الصَّرف؟
Shinuu si3ir es-sarf
what is the exchange rate?
محل صرافة
Ma7al saraafa
Exchange Shop
عطني البطاقة المدنية
3adnii albitaaqa elmanadniya
Give me the civil ID

ممكن تعطيني البطاقة المدنية
Mumkin ta3diinii albitaaqa elmadaniyah
give the civil ID? to a Female
جم /كم تبي تحوّل؟
Cham ta7aawal
How much you want to send.
شنو الهدف من التحويل ؟
Shnii hadaf min alta7wiil
What is the purpose of sending the fund?
الى أي دولة تبي تحوّل؟
Ilaa ay dawla tabi ta7awal
Which country do you want to send?

ممكن تكتب اسم الي رح تحوله
Mumkin takteb ism eli ra7 ta7awl-lah
Can you write the name of the person you will transfer to?

ممكن تتأكد من الإسم
Mumkin ttakad
make sure the name?