Practice Arabic speaking

Practice Arabic speaking,

Practice Arabic speaking Online

One of the most important pieces of advice for learning a new language is this: Make mistakes.

Every time you make a mistake and realize it, you make a point of learning what you should say instead. The effort you put into this will help you to remember it even better!

Yes, we know, it’s hard to accept. But it really will help you learn! And don’t be afraid of other people’s reactions. Native Arabic speakers will appreciate the fact that you’re making an effort.

So try to:

• build longer, more complicated sentences;

• pronounce words you’ve always had trouble with;

• stray outside of your usual list of go-to expressions and express things in new ways;

• test out idioms you don’t fully understand; and even

• write or record yourself speaking in Arabic, and then play “editor.” If you can find your own mistakes, that’s excellent!

As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained