How to learn Arabic

how to learn arabic online

First of all, learn to listen
Listening is the first step to learning a language

We would like to offer a few key suggestions that can help keep your motivation at its highest possible level.

Tip 1: Learn from everyday sources.
Podcasts, video clips, Television Series, and online newspapers in Arabic are great resources.
Tip 2: Align your learning with your interests.
You’ll learn more and learn better if you focus on topics and materials that you like or enjoy.
Tip 3: Exercise daily while you study.
The University of Münster in Germany found that bursts of high-intensity exercise can significantly improve cognition and memory.
Tip 4: Use language-learning techniques based on your learning style.
For kinesthetic learners: Walk around, cook, clean, or exercise while listening to audio lessons.
For visual learners: Organize your new vocabulary in charts.
For reading/writing learners: Write down Arabic dialogue as you listen to it.
Listen the Dialogs several times alone while reading
the Dialogs and repeat aloud the Arabic to yourself.
Don’t be disheartened if you do not understand the words
It does not matter