Best way to learn Arabic

bestway to learn arabic

The best way to learn Arabic is by taking what you already have (information) and adding just a little bit more (+ 1), rather than trying to take on too much new information all at once.

Tips to remember Words

  • Watch TV series
  • play games
  • Use flashcards

So when you are learning Arabic, remember to do these three key things:

Start where you are.

Recognize what you already know and think about how to logically build on it.
Break things down into manageable parts.

Don’t get overwhelmed – get strategic.

Work on one part at a time.
Regularly review what you have learned to consolidate your learning.

If you keep adding more information and connecting that new information with what you already know, then soon you will be proud of both the foundation and the development of your new Arabic knowledge!

Train your ear to Arabic

DON'T listen without paying attention. 

Do listen actively.
Give Arabic material both your undivided attention and your active participation.
Do not force yourself to do something boring.
Do find activities that you will enjoy doing, such as watching Arabic TV series, playing games, and listening to an album or a story in Arabic.
Do not translate into English. -Do try to decipher unknown words for yourself using context clues.
Do not just listen.
Do speak. Reproduce the Arabic sounds you hear as much as possible.

And always just keep practicing!
Find the methods that work for you, whether that’s binging audiobooks or chatting with friends who are native speakers. It’s hard now, but it will pay off!