Arabic Demonstrative pronouns

أَسْمَاء الإِشَارَةِ

اِسْمُ اَلْاِشَارَةِ لَِلْقَرِيْب : هَذَا

اِسْمُ اَلْاِشَارَةِ لَِلْبَعِيْدَِ : ذَلِكََ

Like all pronouns, these are definite
These are masculine , i.e. these are used when pointing to
masculine nouns
They have feminine counterparts
هَذَا and ذَلِكََ are pronounced as هَاذَا and ذَالِكََ respectively,
but are written without the alif

Feminine: This هذِِهِِ that تِِلْْلكََ

هَذَاهَذِهِِاِسْمُ اٌلْاِشَارَةِ لٌِلْقَرِيْب
َذَلِكَتِلكِاِسْمُ اٌلْاِشَارَةِ لٌِلْبَعِيْد

This is a watch

That is a car